Book for shows or dance workshops!

Book now shows or dance workshops for your festival or company. Adds a great ambiance!
Theme parties from the twenties and life jazz music from the thirties is getting more and more popular! As dancers specialized from this period, we like to come to your party or event to bring this time alive and make you and your guests move!

To get some ideas….

Do you organize a theme party “Roaring Twenties”?
We will take your guests back in time and teach them some typical Charleston moves to get in the mood

For example, we can do a 30 minutes Charleston workshop with a Charleston performance.

Book now for your party a small Big Band with fantastic live swing music!
We offer you a wonderful swing orchestra to dance on. Real live music is the best.

During the break we can give a short workshop or a short performance Lindyhop and/or Charleston!

Do you want to do something special for your birthday?
Rent a studio and we will give you and your friends a Lindyhop or Charleston class!

Prices upon request: or 06 25 16 17 78

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