Swing dances

Lindy Hop

Lindyhop was danced in the late 20s and 30s on the swinging tunes of big bands. Originally it was danced by the afro-americans in big cities of America.
One of the most well-known original images we have comes from the movie Hellzapoppin:

After a long silence, Lindy Hop is being danced again in Europe since the 80’s. Currently, it has gained a lot of popularity and the Lindy Hop scenes in the Netherlands are growing rapidly! Have a look at Lindyhop of today, danced by Skye & Frida from US and Sweden:


Charleston became very popular in the 20s. It can be danced both solo and with a partner and it is mostly danced to fast and energetic tunes.
In this clip you see the famous dancers Al Minns and Leon James dancing the charleston:


Balboa originated on crowded dance floors! Characterized by a closed position with a subtle leading and following and a lot of fast footwork, this dance is less expressive for the eye than Lindy Hop, but it can be as musical and creative! Enjoy this dance from Zack & Maryse from Canada:


Blues music has a long cultural history and many different genres. From the early sliding guitar slingers, to the combi with big bands. Later the electric guitar created new genres. Related to these different styles of Blues music new styles of Blues dances also appeared. The current blues dancing evolved from swing dancers who danced slow. The dance was combined with vintage blues dances and is a still evolving dance style.