Meet the Lindy Spirit teachers! 


He co-founded Lindy Spirit with Sarah Wastiaux back in 2010 and is now the only owner of the school. He’s the thinking mind and main engine of the school. Keeps the scene alive and comes up with ideas for events!
He’s also the main teacher of the school, with 20 years of dancing experience and multiple competition awards. This makes him a highly skilled teacher that not only can easily zoom in each individual but also is an expert in keeping the enthusiasm and the fun alive! In this matter he’s really unique.


Anny form of dance is inherent to her. She was born with the rhythm gene so she’s extremely receptive and intuitive picking up rhythms and variations.
She’s teaching with Quinten and Ivar and also takes care of all the logo and flyer designs, photos, website design, and social media.


Being one of those multi-talented people, she likes to master what comes on her way, and has a background as music teacher and burlesque and theater performer.
Since she tried Lindy Hop she hasn’t stopped and she has expanded her dancing skills to Blues, Balboa, and even Collegiate Shag.
She teaches weekly with Quinten in Haarlem!


Also known as Mr. Groove, you’ll easily spot him on the dancecfloor with his unmistakable bounce.
He often teaches with Lucía and, being both drummers, they become a rhythm explosion together.