The Spirit Of Blues



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Spirit of Blues 2.0!

4 parties, 3 nights LIVE music, 2 Bands!
Partnered Blues, Burlesque and Choreo Blues
Sunday Solo Blues competition

The Spirit of Blues is a new Blues dance Festival with classes and parties with live music.
As Blues music reflects a state of being, in all stages of live, Blues dancing expresses the same… it’s intense, melodic, sensual, rhythmical, feeling free, and full of spirit!
You can dance Blues solo, together open or together close.

In Blues dancing you find all essential dance techniques…
Body awareness
Dips ´n Tricks


Thu 1 September at Zaal 100 16:00 – 00:00
Fri 2 September at Zaal 100 16:00 – 00:00
Sat 3 September at Zaal 100 16:00 – 00:00
Sun 4 September at Jungle 16:00 – 01:00

Check out the schedule


Three levels of Blues dance classes with Quinten, Lucía, Elise and Chris.

Multilevel Burlesque classes with the esplendid Joy! Get on your sassy mood!

Some Dips & Tricks for the flashy climax by Jeremy and Lucía

Blues Choreo by Quinten and Elise. Get on the show!


Single Party tickets are available at the door.
Please fill in the registration form to choose your level.
*Blues Showtime is the Burlesque track! Choose it as extra toppin’ for a sassy weekend!

**extra Dinner at Zaal 100
You can have a 3-course vegetarian meal at Zaal 100 just before the parties 🙂
Reservation and payment in advance required!

Lil’ Bluesy
Day Ticket level class + party
1 Night Party Only
Fri/Sat/Sun + live band

Blues Buzz
Fri-Sun Classes + Parties
Super Blues
Thu-Sun 4 days Classes + all Parties
Extra toppings
*Blues Showtime Thu-Sun30
Dips n’ Tricks per class10
Blues Choreo x2 classes20
**Dinner at Zaal 100
3 course meal vegetarian

Solo Blues Competition!

It’ll take place on Sunday 4th at 21h and everyone can join! Judges will tap in contestants for the final round.
Then it’ll be announced who’s on first place! 🏅

This will be a beginner friendly competition. All levels welcome, even if you don’t have experience! Teachers not aloud, sorry!

Parties with LIVE music!

Friday at Zaal 100

21:30h 1st set LIVE music by Hot Blues Riders
22:30h 2nd set LIVE music
23:00h Blues Dj until midnight!

Saturday at Zaal 100

21:30h 1st set LIVE music by Lamar Chase Band!
22:30h 2nd set LIVE music
23:00h Blues Dj until midnight!

Sunday at Jungle

20h Dj
21h Solo blues competition!
21:15h LIVE music by Sam Ghezzi Blues Band
22:45h Blues Dj until midnight!


Zaal 100 – De Wittenstraat 100, 1052BB Amsterdam

Jungle – Tweede van Swindenstraat 26, 1093VS Amsterdam