There won’t be classes on 28th and 29th of March! (only for Amsterdam) We’ll continue with the rest of the block after.
4 classes to go!

The Spirit of Blues Dance Festival

15 – 17 April
Classes, parties, live music, jam session

Check it out on the main menu! 👆

Lindy Spirit opens its doors again!
*Block 2 starts on Mon 28 Feb ’22*

Announcement 25-01-22

Lindy Spirit opens it’s doors again

Dear Spirit’s Lindy Hoppers, Blues, Solo Jazz, & Balboa dancers,

Let’s dance as much as we can.
Stay healthy, stay positive, and always search for new possibilities because there are.

All Lindy Spirit teachers.

Let’s dance together!

Lindy Spirit team

Coming up:

Haarlem, 7 Nov Sunday, authentic ’30s Lindy Hop social
Klein Heiligland 84 from 15:00 – 20:00

Amsterdam, 31 October “Tam Tam” Jungle Jam
Jungle, Amsterdam, Tweede van Swindenstraat 26
15:00 – 21:00

funded by: Rock Solid Fund

16 October Saturday
Lindy Hop social eve at Zaal 100

9 October Saturday
Lindy Hop social eve at Zaal 100

20 Sept Lindy Hop on mondays in Haarlem

Weekly classes starting on September 13th!

11 & 12 Sept 2021

Lindy Spirit’s favorite Lindy Hop Crash Course for “Absolute Beginners”.

11 Sept 18:45 – 20:45 Zaal 100 (de Wittenstraat 100)
12 Sept 13:00 – 15:00 Zaal 100 (de Wittenstraat 100)

Check for more info home page: “Crash Courses”

Wed 8th August ’21

Summer Camp Information and Regulation

Dear dancers,
Times are weird and festivals are hard to organize when the rules change all the time, but now we know where we stand and we are happy to announce that both Summercamp Haarlem and Summercamp Amsterdam are happening this year! Thank you for your patience and for those of you that already signed up: thank you for your trust in us! Please find all important Corona Regulations and information for the festival below.


All participants to the festival must be in possession of a valid CoronaCertificate. The Dutch government currently recognizes the following:

  • Proof of vaccination (2 weeks since second Pfizer/Moderna, 4 weeks since Janssen)
  • Negative PCR/Antigen test (less than 24h since time of testing)
  • Proof of recovery from Corona + 1 vaccination (2 weeks since vaccination Pfizer/moderna)

You may be asked to show your certificate at the beginning of every lesson/party so we can ensure our festival is as safe as possible. This sadly means that you will have to do multiple tests if you are not fully vaccinated yet
(go to www.testenvoortoegang.org to book your test).
Please remember to bring your ID as well.

During the lessons

All lessons will be held outside (weather permitting). During the class we will rotate partners. If you feel uncomfortable with that and prefer to stay with your own partner, please let the teachers know before the class starts. We recommend you sign up with a partner if you prefer not to join the rotation, as we cannot guarantee there will be someone else with the same preference. If the weather forces us inside we will dance in bubbles of 2 couples (4-5 dancers). 1.5m between bubbles must be observed.

The classes will be held at the following locations:

(see schedule here)

  • Haarlem: Frederikspark
  • Amsterdam: Oosterpark & Westerpark

Indoor training sessions

The indoor parties will become training sessions where we will dance in bubbles of 2 couples (4-5 dancers). 1.5m between bubbles must be observed.
The following parties have become indoor training sessions:

  • Haarlem thu 19/8: Klein Heiligpand
  • Amsterdam thu 26/8 Zaal 100
  • Amsterdam fri 27/8 Jungle
  • Amsterdam sat 28/8 Zaal 100
  • Amsterdam thu 2/9 Zaal 100
  • Amsterdam fri 3/9 Jungle
  • Amsterdam sat 4/9 Zaal 100

Please note that bad weather might force us to cancel or move parties and classes. Keep an eye on the Lindyspirit Summercamp event page on Facebook for all the latest updates and location changes!

As you can see outside we are allowed to do a lot, inside not so much yet. We kindly ask that you help keep our festival safe by limiting contact with people outside of the festival during the weekend. We strongly recommend that you keep the same bubble for all indoor activities in one weekend. If you notice anything wrong (corona-related or otherwise), please let one of the teachers know!

See you on the dancefloor!!!

The Lindy Spirit Team

A Summer Camp full of classes and parties every night!
Save the dates 😉 💙

Bevrijdingsdans festival

On the 5th of May Lindy Spirit will perform for Liberation Day, doing what we love. It will be streamed online, live from Pakhuis de Zwijger!
We are so happy with another opportunity to share our passion for lindy hop. Looking forward to this show, and to the day that we can all dance together again!💙

Important announcement

Dear students,
All classes are on hold until further notice as we’ve found convenient to wait until we have a specific answer from the government about partnered dancing.
The number of infected people is still high and there’s still too much risk of contagion.
For this reason we put the classes on hold for a little while and hope for the best.
Love from Lindy Spirit’s team ❤

Important announcement

Dear students,
All classes this coming week are also cancelled (2rd – 5th November) as we’ve found convenient to wait until it’s a safer climate.
The number of infected people slows down a bit and the risk of contamination is still very high.
For this reason we put the classes on hold for another week and hope for the best.
Love from Lindy Spirit’s team ❤

Important announcement

Dear students,
All classes this coming week are cancelled (19th – 23rd October) as we’ve found convenient to wait until we have a specified answer from the government about partnered dancing.
Solo classes are still allowed up to 30 people with 1.5m distance in one class but it has not been specified for partnered dancing. For this reason we put the classes on hold for a week and hope for the best.
Love from Lindy Spirit’s team ❤

Mon 5 – TUE 6 – Thu 8 OCT

Lindy Spirit’s GRAND OPENING again

Authentic ’30’s swing dance classes:

Covid 19 conditions
During Covid 19 conditions, we’ll keep with a fixed partner, keep 1.5mtr distance, don’t rotate, disinfect hands before and after and dance in a ventilated venue.
There is a possibility to rotate with a fixed other couple.
If you don’t have a partner we’ll try to find one for you and this partner stays your partner during the whole block.

Monday 10 Aug

Lindy Spirit’s 1st Summercamp:
10 & 11 Aug in Haarlem
18,19,20,21 Aug in Amsterdam

price is 12,50 per class and you can choose as many as you like!

Monday 4 May

During the Remembrance of the Dead (Nationale Dodenherdenking), to respect the casualties during the World War 2, Lindy Spirit start the Lindy hop Bouncers class at 20:15.

Tuesday 31 March

Results online classes week 1 of Block 2
(March/April ’20)

The Corona crisis made us closing our swing dance school: Lindy Spirit
We decided, last week, to start teaching swing dance classes online.

After composing new educational classes, suitable for followers & leaders that don’t have a dance partner at home, we’re now running smoothly our 2nd week, jeej.

Thanks to all these enthusiastic swing dancers, whom still dance with us, online, to stay in good shape and ready to dance together when this crisis is over.

So…..if you feel dusty or tired of sitting home and you’ve hadn’t enough exercise, please join us too and swing.

Have fun!

Lindy Spirit Team

Monday 23 March

Tonight we start our first Lindy Spirit’s favorite weekly online dance classes!
If you’re interested simply send us:
– an e-mail to info@lindyspirit.nl (that you like to participate)
– your class day (Mon, Tue, Thu)
– your class (Beginners, Bouncers, Bouncers+ Groovers/Hoppers, solo Jazz etc.)
– make your payments for 4 classes from Block 2 (42,85 normal, 30 for students, 30 extra course)

Bank acc. Lindy Spirit:
S.Wastiaux – IBAN: NL51 TRIO 0254833446

– You will receive a link to log in from us.

Let’s dance together!


Lindy Spirit Team

Sun 22 March

Dear Swing Spirits,
For our weekly online swing classes Block 2 we’ll use Zoom. All. you need to do is susbcribe or send us an email with the class you’d like to join and we’ll send you an email with the link to log in the video call.
After our class you’ll find the recap in a folder in Google Drive. Easy! 🙂
Let’s stay in shape and become a better swing dancer at the end of this crisis and we’ll dance together again.

Normal 53,50
Student 40,-



Fri 20 march

This is the schedule for the online classes starting next week!
Please send us an email if you’re interested and we’ll give you more info

Wed 18 March
Thank you for payments and donations.

Lindy Spirit would like to thank all the people who still transferred class payments or donations for Block 2 March/April and try to help us out.
That is just fantastic!
Your care and support is wonderful.
We’re planning to do teach some fancy dance moves in return 🙂
We will overcome this dark period and come out stronger.
Thank you so much, once again.

Tue 17 March

Lindy Spirit will teach online next week!!! 🙂

Fri 13 March ’20

   Important announcement

Dear Beginners, Bouncers, Groovers, Hoppers, Dinah’s and other Lindy Spirit’s creature and addicts,

Due to the latest events and the recent government’s statement regarding the COVID-19 we feel obliged to cancel our weekly classes until April 1st for further notice.
It is a very hard decision as we love sharing our passion and having fun while teaching our great students and also as we, as artists, depend economically on our students, but we feel this is the wisest decision to keep not only our scene but other non-swing related people safe.

In our harts we cry but we behave nonchalant.

We’ll keep you updated and will inform you as soon as we know when we can restart again.

For now, what you can do is keep supporting the scene and artists like us, by buying their music, considering not asking for a full refund if events are cancelled or take instead some private classes or private lessons via Skype!

Looking forward to bounce again with you all,
Lindy Spirit’s team ✨